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Commercial Services

  • Facilitate rental of property
  • Maintain financial records including payment of rent and bills for the property
  • Maintain conditions and provisions of the lease including maintenance requirements
  • Handle day-to-day management for the property to ensure compliance with state and local requirements
  • Collaborate with owner to determine appropriate rental rates
  • Advertise property with various marketing mediums
  • Show properties to prospective tenants
  • Screen and qualify prospective tenants
  • Execute lease and lease renewals
  • Maintain security deposits in escrow accounts
  • Work with legal counsel when necessary to resolve collection issues
  • Conduct required move-in and move-out inspections
  • Collect monthly rents
  • Monitor accounts and collect delinquent rents
  • Pay vendor bills
  • Provide monthly financial reports electronically
  • Manage expenses in accordance with owner's operating budget
  • Resolve maintenance requests and tenant questions
  • Work with owner to schedule preventative maintenance plan
  • Solicit bids for maintenance projects
  • Provide effective, efficient response to tenant and owner needs
  • Manage city housing code inspections
  • Process refunds of security deposits
  • Ensure owner compliance with city and state regulations
  • Handle and coordinate insurance claims
  • Advise clients on ways to maintain property and increase property values
  • Advise clients on project planning
  • Ensure client confidentiality